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A place of pure ecstasy. A place of freedom. What a bald eagle might feel flying 5,000 feet above sea level. That's what this place is.

The flowerful aroma you are guaranteed to sense while driving down the palm tree rowed streets, or even strolling down the beach that seems to never end. A place where rainfall is very rare and sunshine is very common. People come from all over the world to share the happiness this secluded piece of land that sits in the beautiful, blue water of the Pacific Ocean, shares.

The main surrounding of this place is one thing, and one thing only, water. But there is more to this water than one can even imagine. It enlightens me to be able to see clearly through this water, as though it were a transparency to the ocean floor. The underwater life is that of its own.

Unlike anything you have ever seen. Fish that seem to plow underwater. They swim by you in communities. It makes you feel as if they accept you into their home. Their home is just as valuable to us as it is to them. Coral reefs surrounding you in a geographical pattern that can only be explained by seeing it visually, not descriptively.

On certain evenings you can attend a party. These parties are based upon tradition. You are greeted with a strand of shells to wear around your neck. Accompanying you are others wearing merely nothing but floral designs. The people gather at tables in front of a stage where they may eat at as they watch the show go on. For entertainment purposes, there are belly dancers, people juggling fire and natives introducing how to climb a palm tree and crack open your own coconut. They serve a buffet with a range of their island food, such as, poi, pork, and fruits.

While resting your body under the sun, atop the white sand that blankets the beaches, you may sense drifts of the inland plant life. The flowers that grow here assure you a refreshing, romantic feeling. The smell brings an automatic smile to your face. It may be because of the satisfying state of mind it puts you in, or because you know this is the only place that you will ever be able to relate the smell to.

Here, you are able to do things you can only dream of doing in real life. A ruptured volcano sets just off shore. A volcano which ruptured years and years ago. The part which wasn't blown away, now forms a crescent shape in the ocean. Many visitors take a cruise ship out to witness the wide variety of sea life which now resides inside the volcano.