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In this paper I am going to discuss many skin disorders that effect teenagers. One of the

disorders I myself had to face and that was eczema. Since I was a child I had eczema. It was not

that severe or major but it made a difference to me since I was the different child within my peers.

I felt very bad and that was a cause for the lack of my confidence. This topic was a great deal of

interest to me since I had first hand experience. In actuality this class in general I enjoy and it

teaches me a lot about the topics which I wouldn't be as aware about in my day to day studies.

Acne is also a major problem which exists in many teenagers and it affects their daily lives, that

is another skin problem which for some people only lasts for a time period, but for some people it

is a life long hassle.

Something in their skin is not available so it becomes irritant and causes


Non-infective dermatitis

The term 'dermatitis' simply means an inflammation of the skin. When the condition is due to

contact with a substance at work it is called 'occupational' or ' industrial' dermatitis. It is a

common cause of occupational disease but the number of cases is declining owing to improved

work conditions.

The skin has two layers; the outer layer called the 'epidermis' and the inner 'dermis'. The

epidermis has a protective function. It consists of densely packed flat cells, thicker in some areas,

like the palms of the hands, which are more subject to injury. It is covered by a moist film known

as an 'acid mantle', made up of secretions from sweat and sebaceous glands, that helps to protect

from acids, alkalis...