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Dell was born in West Houston and applied for a high school equivalency diploma at age eight. He ran a mail order stamp-trading business at age thirteen and sold subscriptions to the Houston Post by telephone at sixteen. Within a year he was named salesman of the month and was earning $18,000 annually for a direct-mail campaign he had targeted newlweds. He turned to electronics in his late teens, when he began building customized personal computers by purchasing and assembling computer components from various manufacturers. According to Dell, his research on component manufacturers convinced him he could launch a business that would save users money, provide better support services, and make a profit.

In May of 1984, Michael Dell founded Dell corporation in his dorm room at The University of Texas at Austin. At the time he had a great idea that has led the company to great success.

This idea was to pass the middlemen and sell custom built computers directly to the users. This strategy has put Dell as the number one vendor of computer systems. Michael Dell has given Dell a superior reputation in the public eye and has also established a name for himself among the top business executives. He invests in his own company, dismisses criticism easily and even finds time in his day to communicate with many journalists through email. His managing style assists him in controlling this public impression of the company.

In 1984 he purchased an Austin business license and incorporated a company he called PC's Limited. In 1985 the company introduced an IBM-compatible PC clone called the Turbo. By selling computer components and kits by telephone and advertising in trade magazines, Dell built a clientele of businesses and experienced computer users. His experience with telemarketing and slaes...