Defining the Media By: Jarrod Hale

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Blockbuster movies, number one athletes, and pop stars that go platinum around the world, are just a small part of what American Culture has come to be. There are so many different types of races, religions, and types of people that make up what America is all about, but there is one universal factor they all have in common. The media is the true definition of American Culture. Our culture has slowly and steadily begun to revolve around the media. It makes us the so called best in the world in many aspects of what the media offers. It has contributed so much to the development of our society. With such a diverse population in our society, the media is a great example of a key link that we all have in common. American society is a business driven, social, and political type of culture. The media reflects all of those aspects in our culture.

The media is our link to every other part of the world. With the average American being exposed to three thousand ads a day, it keeps us informed on everything from our social change in soap operas and reality television, to world news and events. In the social aspect of our culture, social conflict is expressed through the television shows and soap operas, the daily things that occur in our society. It shows what type of social characteristics our culture is embedded with as well as how they change over time. Clothing fads and slang words are just a few examples of how the media changes our society and culture. Slang words have changed dramatically since past decades. Words like groovy, radical and yuppie are no longer words used in our everyday language. It is especially prevalent in the teens of today. Tight bell-bottom...