Defending Bismarck

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Even though Bismarck used deceit to get what he wanted, violated the rights of Catholics to worship freely, and violated the Prussian constitution, he accomplished a lot for the German States. Some people may look back and think it was wrong to go about things the way he did, but at that time, he was doing what was best for Germany. He brought about so much good for Germany and he deserves respect for how well he used politics to get what needed to be done, done.

Bismarck was very intelligent and he used the art of realpolitik extremely well. He just wanted to unify Germany and make sure that Prussia played a big part in it. He was making deals with all the great powers and trying to ensure Germany's safety. He knew how big of a power Germany could be, and he was going to do his best to make them a great power.

He believed that he was not the provoker of the wars he was involved in, and that he was just standing up for Germany and Prussia. During the war against Denmark, Bismarck wanted to take control over Schleswig and Holstein because they contained German people. Austria allowed Bismarck to take control over both of those lands in return for help recovering Lombardy from Italy. Soon after, Austria wanted to take control of both the lands but Bismarck avoided war by giving them Holstein; he however, made sure to get the French to agree to be neutral in the event of going to war with Austria and he got Italy to agree to fight against Austria in case of war. In doing all of this, he was enhancing Prussia's military leadership in Germany; and he eventually beat out Austria and it...