Death is Tragic: The Value of a Life A Short Story Based on the Jewish Pogroms Works Consulted Page Included!

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Part 1: The Conditions of the Jews

"Grab that," shouted Ishmael as he threw his arms into the air to try and catch a spear thrown at the Jews. Ishmael caught the spear and then crouched low as he whispered to Kohr, "Let's take cover!"

Kohr follows Ishmael furtively. They treaded through the area where Christians had recently been burning Jews for the so-called conspiracy. They entered Ishmael's house, a small, tapestry-covered stone shack. Ishmael lighted the central fire and the pair sat down to discuss recent events.

Kohr began, "I don't think it was such a good idea that we spread the idea about poisoning people of other religions. Instead of them shunning us like we wanted them to, they are coming after us and persecuting us in swarms."

Ishmael replied, "It is a shame that events have turned out such as this. Betrayal never feels good."

Kohr looked at Ishmael, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Take it as you want to take it," Ishmael replied.

Just then a Jewish woman stumbled into the room, looking around warily. The woman had black spots on her throat and buboes all over her body. Ishmael looked distraught.

Ishmael angrily stood and tersely addressed the woman, "Woman, what are you doing in my house? You are obviously affected with the Black Death, and now you bring it in here trying to poison me."

The woman looked back at Ishmael, as children came dancing into the room. The children formed a circle around the woman and began dancing. They were singing a song that reminded Ishmael of his own wife dying and why he was there.

"Ring around the rosie,

A pocket full of posies

Ashes ashes

We all fall down"

Part 2: The Betrayal

"Bring out your dead,