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Independent Book-"Day of Infamy"-Pearl Harbor The book that I read was "Day of Infamy" by Walter Lord. This book is about the bombing a Pearl Harbor. I will also be using some information that I got on my trip to Oahu last week as well. It happened on December seventh, 1941 and claimed the lives of about 2500 men women and civilians. This was the biggest disaster to the Navy ever as far as the lose of men. The attack was by the Japanese. They attacked us because General Yamamoto said, ""¦if war came, America was bound to be in it, her fleet was Japans' biggest obstacle"¦the best time to crush it was right away" pg. 14. America had the best army in the world, except for tanks. Germany had the strongest tanks and we had the strongest forces. Yamamoto knew this and "stuck to his guns" and planned the attack on Pearl Harbor.

He figured that if we were to make an attack on us, we would be set back for a while, but that wasn't so.

Now imagine your self as a person in the Navy or Army or just a person in the service back in nineteen forty-one. It is the sixth of December and you are just carrying out a daily routine. Now to make this work you are a in the Navy as a shipmate. Your boat is the U.S.S. California and is for now docked close to the big battle ships. Your day ends and the party starts. You and a couple of your close buddies from the ship decide to go out on the town for a little while. You are having a great time shouting at girls and doing whatever it was that you felt like doing. But...