The Day He Went Away

Essay by racheline May 2004

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I hate the feeling of being left alone, especially when I have to let go something special.

I received James's call early in the morning and he told me that he would be bringing me out for dinner that night. I was so excited to meet him as I had not seen him for the past few months. James went overseas to further his studies. Since then, we had been communicating through online mails and long-distance calls. I went shopping for the next two hours and pampered myself with a new makeover. James came to fetch me at around eight o'clock.

"You look very special tonight," James could only say that.

"Thank you," I replied.

The journey to the dinner was unusually quiet. We were not talking as much as we had on the phone and on the online mails.

We reached the restaurant after thirty minutes. James had made a reservation earlier on, so we did not have to wait.

I was looking forward to the dinner and wished that it would be a memorable one.

The dishes were served ten minutes after our arrival.

"How's the food?" James broke the silence.

"Not bad. Taste good!" I answered to his question,

"Actually, I have something important to tell you," he looked at me and I nodded my head and gestured for him to continue.

"I feel that, it is time for us to break up," James hung his head low and continued, "I've found another girlfriend in the states." I would always remember this moment, September the twenty second, Sunday, twenty five after nine.

"Does she love you as much as I do? I do love you, you know I really do," I said as I sobbed. I looked at him for an answer.

"So sad to be...