David, My friend

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David, My friend

Friends are essential for a happy life. Without them, life would be monotonous and most people wouldn't survive. I once had an inspiring friend, and through his stories, I can tell he had an amazing life.

His name was David. He was a neighbor for three years and it was till that day I came to know him personally. It was a rainy day during the year 1992, when I was on the way back home from school in Taiwan. A bus stopped a few metres in front of me. The door squealed open, spilling passengers over the wet road and footpath. They dispersed into shops, houses and around the corners as rapidly and elusively as the rain they sought to avoid. An old man however, walked as slow as he could, disregarding the amount of rain falling down on him. Somehow, I wanted to get to know him "my heart tells me", I want to get to know his inner world.

I quickly ran over to him with my umbrella, stretched my arm as long and as high as possible to try to keep the old man out from the rain.

Everyday I would see him and help him with little jobs in his house. In return, I would receive a huge 50 cents coin. Through the years, it surely did multiply! He was once a professor in Chinese language and through him I learnt my grammar! I could hardly speak a word without him stopped me and corrected what I had just said incorrectly. Although at times I though it was annoying, I know now that it has helped me.

He loved to tell me about his stories, such as his family, his work and most importantly, his experience through the civil war...