Dangerous Habbits

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Things today on the roadways are not safe. I am always wondering what I am going to read about or see next. It is like people don't care about what will happen if they do certain things and don't follow the traffic laws. Many of the drivers today have dangerous habits that they've been introduced to.

One of the most dangerous habits is not wearing a seatbelt. People today think it is not necessary, but what they don't stop to think about is the consequences. A perfect case would be my sister-in-law. She was in a car accident earlier this year and her car hit a bluff. She was thrown through the back window of the car and now has a permanent bruise on her brain, which will affect the rest of her life. Another would be when my cousin was in a wreck. She flew forward between the front seats and hit the dash.

In turn it knocked all of her teeth out and now she has false ones. This is only two of the things that could happen, they are just lucky they survived.

Another one of the leading habits people have is driving fast. They are always in a hurry to get where they are going. Driving fast might get you there faster, but it could also get you hurt. When you drive fast you don't always have complete control over you vehicle. Lets say; someone suddenly stops in front of you, you may no be able to stop in time and hit them in the rear end. Which could damage your vehicle and maybe even get you hurt. While driving fast you could also get a ticket. If a cop catches you they can pull you over and give you one or even take you...