Cyrano De Bergerac

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Cyrano Essay In the book Cyrano de Bergerac, there is a continuing image that is shared by Cyrano, from the book Cyrano de Bergerac, and Mr. Martin, from the movie Roxane, they both have an enormous nose. In the movie Mr. Martin was blessed with an extremely large nose. It was the theme of several jokes, it was always being stared at, and caused Mr. Martin to be self-conscious about his actions. He always had to have a defense up incase someone said something about his nose, he would have a smart come back or even fight the person because they had made fun of his nose. In the book Cyrano was a lot like this too, he was always being stared at or being made fun of. He used his wits to out smart the person and make him look like a fool for making fun of his nose, or he would have a duel with them to show that although he has a funny nose he can still beat anyone at fighting.

Since Cyrano and Mr. Martin have had to live with their disabilities their whole life made them change their personalities so they could have a defense if someone made fun of them. They became more witty and composed, they never showed any signs of weakness to their enemies. The author of Cyrano tried to show that Cyrano was well composed and talented when he had Cyrano fight in a duel while composing a sonnet. This shows how smart he is that he can distract his opponent enough to stab him and end the duel. This makes the comparison between Cyrano and Mr. Martin even better because they both were so witty and smart.