Cybertron's Great Disgrace

Essay by blackhawk1983A+, March 2004

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If I ever have any grand-children and they ask me what I used to watch on Saturday Mornings as a kid and young man I will NOT tell them about BEAST MACHINES. That is if I choose to have children to bring the little offspring into the world.

What Hasbro and Bob Skir single handedly did (But mostly Hasbro) was to get us thinking about Transformers as Eco-Warriors akin to Captain Planet and The Planeteers by transforming Cybertron from a metal world to a world just like Earth and its inhabitants to boot by combining technology with organic life and restoring the balance of life.

On another TV series or movie this premise would've been right at home. This is not a new concept if you stop and think about it. But after seeing the last episode of BM in Real Media format recently I was so disappointed in the way the show was handled from the start.

From the beginning it was implied that Cybertron would become something more and of course not everyone believed it. But I knew what was going to happen like I sometimes usually do.

And it really goes back to Beast Wars which had The "New Transformers" land on ancient Earth to muck things up. I'll give Hasbro brownie points for trying to make some of the older fans happy but again they dropped the ball on an otherwise "unique" approach to selling toys.

After watching BW for a few years on and off I was genuinely embarrassed at what the line had become so I looked at the series with one eye open and one closed instead of embracing the show with the enthusiasm I had in the past.

My love affair with The TFs was killed the day when Kenner who...