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An in depth look at cults For thousands of years their have been many religions groups all around the world, form the Egyptians to the religions of the present.

Most religions are based upon one "supreme being". A power so great it could be considered a person. But who knows ,in most cases, a white man as an almighty figure. A man with no face just or potable definition.

The first signs of religion is the Egyptian. Who believed in many gods, just about a god for every thing living and dead, This was before the proclaimed "Coming of Christ". Their was no established religion or a god before 2 BC.

In Egyptian times, pharos were the center of religious beliefs. they believed in life after death and preserving the holy bodies. So in fact, people would call this era the start of religion.

After 2 BC and through 30 AD was the start of Christianity.

Record proves that one man named Jesus of Nazareth was executed in 30 AD. But was he ever restricted and returned to the Holy land? Or was the bible 100% accurate? No one would ever know unless their was a witness. Scripture of the bible claim of this man (Jesus) and his journeys. But what is the real point of Christianity? Is it in fact an made up story to make people believe that there is a savior. To rid the world of all of its sins and evils. Or are the stories told in the bible real, and Jesus was crucified and resurrected. Another question, if he is immortal why isn't 't he on earth now? Could he be on earth walking, talking, breathing, and being on of us? These days people now believe the Jesus and God are one person. And the...