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Cuba One might wonder about Cuba? Cuba is a country in Latin America with a communist government and a tropical climate. It has a distinct culture and many things that it is know for. It has a great location in the Caribbean and a rich Spanish culture.

The point of the location is important. 23 N, 80 W is the absolute location of Cuba (Novosad 85). Being in the Caribbean, Jamaica is to the south and Florida is to the north of Cuba. Haiti and the Dominican Republic are to the east as Mexico is to the west (Novosad 85).

Today's current number of population is 10,999,041 (Wiesenfeld 757). Of this population, the growth rate on an average is 0.41% (U.S. 1). The density of this population is 257 people per square mile (Wiesenfeld 757).

Cuba, being in Latin America, shares many common characteristics of other surrounding Latin American countries.

One characteristic is that the land is mostly lowland and mountainous area. Another characteristic is that the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and The Gulf of Mexico surround most Caribbean islands. Semitropical and tropical climates are also shared by Latin American countries (Ward 36). Heavy rainfall is common in all these regions, mainly because of the rainforest. Culture is shared through the Roman Catholic religion (Ward 36). They also share in the forms of government such as Communism and Republican, but there is more of a variety in the forms of governments (Ward 36). Latin America is correspondingly made up of third world countries.

The land size of Cuba is about the size of Pennsylvania (U.S. 1). In the 42,804 sq. miles the land is covered by lowlands and divided by 3 mountain areas (Wiesenfeld 757). The Sierra Del Cristal divides the land in the east ("Cuba" 454). Along the southeastern...