The Crucible

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The Crucible The light up ahead was calling him. Pulling him closer. Warmth filled him and radiated out of him. He had chosen wisely, he was safe now. Darkness, the light had gone. Now he was cold and unsure. A voice spoke out. "No John you have a final job to do. Elizabeth must be watched over." With that John Procter turned away from Heaven.

It was cold and dark in jail. Elizabeth sighed, she was used to it now. A door was flung open and light streamed in. "You're all free to go," shouted one of the deputies. Elizabeth blinked in the bright light. Had she heard correctly? She could go home to her boy's? She stood up slowly, her swollen stomach was getting even larger. How could she cope without John? John stood across the road from his home. How strange to be back when no one could see you.

His two sons had already been brought home and john was expecting to see Elizabeth soon. From the talk of passers by, all witchcraft charges had been dropped. If his hanging had just been postponed a few more weeks. John sighed and looked up again, as he heard squeals of delight. He saw his boy's rush to their mother, and saw a tired drained Elizabeth. He should be with her. John suddenly felt that he had made the wrong decision. He should be with Elizabeth, why had he ever had to make that choice, his death or living a lie, surely these equalled the same thing but at least he would be living in one. Elizabeth was pregnant and needed him with her, not dead. He had had a hard enough time making the decision to die, and he had just started to really believe that he had...