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The movie Sense and Sensibility, based off the Jane Austin novel of the same name, is a love story of two very different sisters. When Mr. Dashwood dies, he leaves behind a wife and two daughters without an inheritance because they were women and it was ilegal for them to have an inheritance. They moved into a cottage owned by their cousin Sir John (Robert Hardy). Marianne (Kate Winslet) falls in love with Mr. WIlloughby (Greg Wise), who is unable to return her love because he was to marry for money. Elinor, her sister, falls in love with Edward Ferrars, who had already pledged his love for Lucy Steele and must keep his word. All the while, Mrs. Jenings (Elizabeth Spriggs) is playing matchmaker and Colonel Brandon (Alan Rickman) had his own heart set on Marianne, but she does not reciprocate his love. The movie is a triumph of love in a time where marriage was for money.

Although women in this period married whoever had the most money to provide for the family, the Dashwood women broke the rule and maried for love.

Marianne loved Mr. Willoughby, but ended up loving Colonel Brandon, a kind man. For Marianne and Mr. Willoughby, it started when she fell down a hil on a rainy day and he saw her and carried her back to her cottage. From then on, their love grew, but he ended up marrying a more affluent woman. He loved Marianne, but in the period of time in whick they were living, that was not a very good reason at all. After Mr. Willoughby was married, Marianne was sick and near death, and Colonel Brandon was the one who cared for her. She grew to love Colonel Brandon. Marianne, the poetic and musical sister, relied on her...