The Creation And Evolution Of Renaissance Art

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What time period could be more influential to the worlds of science, astronomy, literature, and art? None other then the Renaissance, "the age of rebirth"� as it has been called. From that period in history some of the greatest scientists, artists, astronomers, and writers were born, such as, Galileo Galilee , William Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Johannes Kepler, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and many others. The most revolutionary and beautiful subject to come out of the Renaissance is art and how it was derived and how it evolved with the different artists.

As the sciences in the Renaissance changed so did artists idea on how paintings should be painted, and how to sculpt sculptures. The style consisted of two basic concepts: "a revival of classical forms originally developed by the ancient Greeks and Romans, and an intensified concern with secular life-interest in humanism and assertion of the importance of the individual"� (Enc.

Ren. Art. and Arch.1).

Because of those two concepts artists were seen as independent personalities, not just mere artisans, as they had been related to in the medieval past. Artists were not just artists they also were "devoted to scientific experimentation. In this context, mathematical or linear perspective was developed, a system in which all objects in a painting or in low-relief sculpture are related both proportionally"� (Enc. Ren. Art. and Arch.1).

Due to that development the paintings created at the time served as a window to the natural world. Artists soon began to study every little object to make the paintings as realistic as possible. Painters engulfed themselves in the idea to carefully depict landscape, vegetation, skies, and mountain ranges. They developed aerial perspective, in which objects become increasingly less distinct and less sharp as they recede from the eye of the viewer. Many skills were developed integrating...