Convicts settlement, how it started and how it grew apart

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In 1750s fences were put around land in the English the people didn't own, mainly around the country side area. The people who did not own the land could no longer gaze or serve there cattle in that place. Those people moved out to the city to look for work When they reached the city they couldn't find any jobs because most of the job that were once done by man were now done by the hands of machine and children's. So, soon the cities started to become overcrowded with jobless people and these people soon became really poor. Many of these people decided to start drinking in order to make them forget about their unworthy life. These poor people soon became thieves and started to do pity crimes like stealing from the shop or from another rich people. When they got caught they were sent in the court, because in that time the laws were so harsh and strict the people did get sent to jail for just for pity crimes.

So because of this reason the jail started to become full and they would have to be sent some where else. Although for a while the England used to transport there convicts to the land of America but in 1776 these colonies revolted against English rule and refused to take any more convicts. They had no choice but to put them in big old rotting ships called hulks. These old rotting ships also started to get overcrowded also. Then some one came up with the idea of sending the people in Africa but the idea was thought as really cruel because of the harsh weather and the and the dangerous animal that used to exist in there. So mean while there was Captain Cook who went to monitor...