Constructing A Killer PC

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Section I - preparing your ATX case your ATX mini tower case should contain a power supply with the appropriate number of connectors. Also make sure the case has a removable motherboard pan. This will make life much easier when it's time to make repairs and upgrades.

Now that we know what we want it's time to prep for the mother board. First step is removing the cover. This shouldn't be too hard. Remove the screws in the back of the tower which connect the shell. There can be anywhere from three to six screws. Make sure to place all screws in a secure location were they will not be lost. The shell should now easily slid off. Simply lift the tail end up and pull back.

Next remove the drive cage, which will house the 3 1/2" floppy, CD ROM, hard drive and sound card panel. the drive cage can sometimes be accessed without removing the faceplate.

If the faceplate has to be removed then do so by removing the spring fingers or screws holding it in place.

The I/O shield plate is a step that will protect your PC from RF interference.

Match the Shield plate against the motherboard to make sure it fits and the positioning is correct. A labeled sticker should come with the motherboard that fits over the shield plate, and around the port holes.

The last step in the tower prep is installing the speaker. The speaker simply locks into place with it's four plastic legs. The location of the speaker is generally in front of the case, but can also be located on the bottom. Don't be surprise if the speaker is already installed in the ATX case for you.

Section II - Installing the motherboard, CPU, and heat sink Installing the motherboard...