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The Constitution is great because it was written so that it can be changed when needed.

Amendment XIV should add that all persons naturalized in the United States within a certain age should have the right to run for President. Amendment XII should add that if you are to run for President or Vice-President you should have a military background. The Constitution should also change Amendment XXVI so that you should be able to buy liquor at the same age that you are able to vote or defend your country.

The Amendment which allows people that are naturalized to have a say in what goes on in the United States but saying that they can't run for President or Vice-President. In a way this does make sense because if you are naturalized at a certain age you could have the influence of another country. But if you were naturalized before a certain age you wouldn't have much of an influence.

If this Amendment lets people serve in the military and have the same rights as everyone else then it is fair enough to give those people the chance to run for President. What the Constitution lacks is the fact that this Nation was created by people that were not of this land.

Amendment XII should add that you need to serve in the military before you can run for President. If they are going to be President they need to know what it is like to be in the military before they send people out to die for our country. If they don't know what it is like for U.S. soldiers that are in another country settling disputes than they should not be behind a desk and send more to there deaths. It is a worthless cause for young people...