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Essay "Does Wilderness Have Intrinsic Value?" Does wilderness have intrinsic value? Yes, it does, but what is intrinsic value? Maybe I'll figure it out on my own while writing this essay.

Are you asking me whether I feel that nature has some spiritual value that needs to be protected, or just the fact that wilderness is important, and without it, human beings would cease to exist? I'm guessing that it's just a tricky question that will somehow show how important I think our wilderness is. Can I ask you a tricky question? Why do I go for long walks in the woods whenever I get overwhelmed with life's stress? Well hey"¦.I'll tell ya, it's not because I'm some tree hugger"¦it's because, that's where I'm usually cured. And Usually, when I'm so stressed out that I need a go for a long walk, alone, in the woods"¦.I'm so confused that I won't even remember why I'm going for a walk in the woods in the first place, other than the fact that I felt good after the last time I did it"¦.

I guess what I'm trying to say, is, that I don't go for walks in the woods that often. Why do I go to the woods? I think it's because I need to get away from distractions and just focus on what's bothering me. I once watched a robin dance along the grass catching worms while I was really depressed and somehow, just by watching him dance around so carefree, it made me feel better. It made me feel better because it was something wild, something made by god and not man, something that had nothing to do with man at all. I go to the woods because that robin doesn't distract me. That robin doesn't make me lose my complete train of thought like that of a friend saying, "lets go smoke a butt" or "come on"¦we need to go" when really, wherever that place we need to go, is probably going to get me in more trouble and even more confused(stressed).

I think the wilderness is a place of refuge for a lot of people who need stress relief. I think that it's important to protect and save as much wilderness as possible, because god made it. Everything else that is manmade doesn't have any feeling to it. What do I mean? Well, all I know is that; by the time industry has come to the point where it completely takes over nature and nothing natural is left, other than man himself, that I won't want to live here, because I will have no place to go for my stress relief walks. There will be no more little bird dancing across the grass looking for worms in the spring, but a little empty pack of cigarettes, or hey, maybe a cigarette factory. There will be no more trees supplying oxygen for man, but manmade oxygen machines. And by that point"¦.maybe its time. Maybe it's time that even god has gotten so disgusted with what earth has become and boom"¦"¦That's the end my friend.