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Congo starts out with a communication company putting an expedition into Congo, Africa to find the perfect diamond for their communications satellite. The expedition fails and everybody gets wiped out and die mysteriously. The remote camera picked up a new specie of gorilla. The communication company would not give up that easily and sent another expedition to Congo headed by Dr. Karen Ross. Meanwhile, Dr. Peter Elliot wanted to bring his gorilla named Amy back to the Congo, and was going to be funded by a man named Homolka (who is really out for the riches in the lost city of Zinj in the Congo). They get to Africa and there are some problems going on there. A man named Monroe picks them up and is going to lead them to the site. He tries to hide them, but they are cought and must pay (but that is ok, Dr.

Karen Ross of the communcation company brought along PLENTY of money!). So they get ready to cross from Zaire to Congo by airplane, but they are not allowed and so they are fired upon by soldiers. They must parachute out of the plane to live, and they succesfully do so and land in the Congo jungle. They travel for a few days until they come to a hidden, ruined city, the lost city of Zinj. It is full of diamond mines, and crawling with a new species of gorilla known as the grays. The story continues and gets more and more suspensful. People die, earthquakes occur, volcanoes erupt, and everything goes wrong. Dr.

Ross gets her diamond, but upon communicating with her boss, she gets angry with him and blows up the satellite with it and gets rid of it. Amy is returned to the wild. And...