Conflict in team work

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Conflict in Team Work

Horacio Rubio

Conflict in Team Work

Team work is fundamental to succeed in organizations. Each team member plays a vital role in the team. Team work allows ideas and thoughts to be gathered collectively from different backgrounds. Sometimes team members can present barriers which hinder the team's ability to succeed. Conflicts in teams are sometimes inevitable. When barriers are presented the team faces conflict which has to be resolved within the team. There are many ways to address conflict to maintain the team's success. Successful teams develop effective group process, using ground rules and norms to promote effective interpersonal communication. There have been several teams which I had to address conflict. During my tenure in the US Navy I experienced conflict with my underway replenishment team. In order to succeed in a team, conflict must be addressed and resolved.

My team's ultimate goal was to replenish 60,000 gallons of JP-5 aviation fuel on board a US Navy ship while underway at sea.

The mission for the team was to complete the operation without any mishaps. The team was to be safety conscious while participating in this important operation. The team consisted of many personnel professional and unprofessional. The team also consisted of veterans and rookies. Members of the team had several obstacles which brought conflict to the team. Inexperience, childish, and disrespectful behavior from some team members were a few of the barriers which were brought to the team. The team was fortunate to have a strong leader. John was the team's leader. John leadership style was empowering. The team goals were addressed at the team meeting. John, the team leader organized the team meeting and emphasized accomplishing the mission and working successful. The team began getting ready for the task. The team members were advised...