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The customer for this report, and recommendation for the purchase of a computer system, is a dedicated first-year computer science student at a technologically specialized institution. He is currently working on a degree that involves several courses in word processing, computer assisted design, and graphics technology. This student is also an avid gamer and has a particular interest in the latest audio and video production technology.


The computing system and peripheral devices purchased by this user must be the latest technology in order for him to be successful in his current classes and the courses that he will require in the future. The ideal computer and software package for this person would include a fast processor with new word processing and desktop publishing software, advanced audio and video editing capabilities, and an impressive audio/ visual display with one of the latest video cards available. Also, it is required that the system is fast, efficient, easy to work with, and cost effective.

Overall Recommendation/ Recommended System: Custom Built AthlonXP 1900



·The computer processor is the brain of the system. Our client requires a heavy punch, multi tasking brain. Due to his low income and student status, he does not have a large budget to put towards his computer. The AMD AthlonXP 1900 was chosen because of it's low cost and it's higher performance rating than that of the higher priced equivalent Pentium 4. The AMD AthlonXP 1900's speed is 1.6GHz. This means 1600Hz, which is a very fast processor. Amazingly, the clock speed of this processor is faster, albeit barely, than the Pentium 4 2.0GHz processor, and is much cheaper as well. This is important, as, for less cash, our student can afford a better processor.


·Choosing which motherboard to use is important. It also is...