Competition is ultimately more beneficial than detrimental to society

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Competition does contribute to progress in society under most conditions. In the sciences, competition between scientists in the same field will compel every scientist to develop new ideas and to realize the applications of those new ideas more quickly so that as a whole the human knowledge accumulate more quickly and more discoveries and technologies are available for the better life of human being. In economies, practice has proved that the market economy based on competition is more viable than the planned economy, without competitive environment businessmen will lose the most important impetus for developing better products and providing better services, because the impetus is coming from the threatening of their opponents who will share benefits with them and have the opportunity to make them fail to survive in the market competition. Obviously without the progress in science and economy we can not enjoy the niceties of modern life.

As the base of the progress in science and economy, competition contributes to progress in society.

But in my opinion, in certain cases the competition is blind and out of control, which is dangerous and detrimental to our society. For example, many countries are evolved in the competition in creating more destructive weapons under the name of ensuring their own safety. On one hand, this kind of competition is so dangerous and out of control that the earth is faced with the danger of being bombed to a permanent winter, which causes distrust and sense of overstraining, and do harm to our society as a whole. On the other hand, it costs a lot of money which can be paid to improve our living standard and develop other technologies which can bring us facility in our life, which means the most important progress of the society, the object of...