Comparison/Contrast Essay : The Odyssey and Crow and Weasel

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Odysseus, king of Ithaca and the greatest strategist of the Trojan War, is on a journey filled with obstacles as he is trying to return home. Crow and Weasel are two Native American boys who are on a journey to travel further north than anyone in their tribe ever has. Although Odysseus and Crow and Weasel are alike in their attitudes that a greater power does exist, they differ in what they believe in.

Odysseus and Crow and Weasel both believe in the existence of a greater power. Odysseus in 'The Odyssey' believed Athena, who was a goddess, to be his guardian and the higher power that looked after Odysseus and helped him out on his journeys. Another example includes Odysseus getting in trouble because he enraged a greater power, in this case, the god Poseidon. Odysseus blinded the son of Poseidon and he didn't give Poseidon credit for helping Odysseus and that's why he made Odysseus' journey home, a long and difficult one.

The similarity in 'Crow and Weasel' is that both Crow and Weasel also get help from a higher power and in their case, the trees. When Crow and Weasel lost their passage and didn't know what to do or how far to go, they used the medicine to ask the trees for help and the trees told them where to go and encouraged them. The second similarity with Crow and Weasel is the fact that Weasel got them in trouble for being over-confident. As Crow and Weasel were in the forest, Weasel said that it was going to be easy to catch animals and because he disrespected the greater power, they almost starved. The similarities mentioned above are quite clear and it is obvious that Odysseus and Crow and Weasel all believe that...