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Finding sources of successful movie Between the movies "GLADIATOR" and "BRAVEHEART" We can see new movies coming out in every week. Thousands of thousands movies are out there, but not every movies get successes. I like to find the reasons why only a few movies are popular by comparing and contrasting between two successful movies "GLADIATOR" and "BRAVEHEART".

I like to give the backgrounds of two movies first. BRAVEHEART is based on the story of a 13th-century Scottish commander. The story starts with how he looses family and lover because of the terrible England's rules. He unites the various people and fight against a cruel English King for their independence. Some of fighting scenes are brutally violent, but the bloods spill by real people are needed to show how important the freedom is. There are also beauties of emotions and love by expressing in his dreams.

GLADIATOR is the story of a heroic general "˜Maximus' of Rome, and how his life changes to the famous general to a slave, a slave to a gladiator. The movie starts with humongous and cruel battle scene. A time when the Roman Empire rules over half of the European continent, and the only remaining portion lies in Germania, Maximus' victory over the Germanians secures his fate as the next emperor. Ironically, the emperor's son murders his father and takes his father's place. The new emperor orders to execute Maximus, but Maximus escapes and become a slave.

There are bunch of things to similar in both movies. The movies contain gruesome hand-to-hand combats and bloody sword fighting scenes. Main characters' family die, because of the enemy and they also die at the end. They both dream about their family. They are the valiant leaders. The movies have everything adventure, action, romance, elements of horror, fiction, non-fiction and a few comedic moments.

There are less numbers of differences than similarities that I can think of. Gladiator is more fast-paced and intense. Gladiator story is more involving in his life. Braveheart is slower scenes involved and long. Braveheart is more focused on patriotism. Gladiator skips his early life, Braveheart doesn't. Each movie has different historic time and place.

Both movies are awarded and nominated a lot. Braveheart won five Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director for star Mel Gibson. With their huge succeed in financially and critic, every body says those are good movies. But by comparison and contrast, I find the specified things that makes good movie, like strong story and the points of the movies that we all can agree and envy.