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As children, the Krafts shared a love for volcanoes. Where as most people fall in love with other people and get married, the Krafts fell in love with a volcano and as Mr. Edwards describes it, they looked across this volcano and said I am going to marry that person because they love volcanoes too! The Krafts wanted to be scientists. They wanted to know all about volcanoes even though they are incredibly dangerous natural disasters. But their dreams were short-lived because they were both poor and couldn't afford to travel and study them. They began to make movies and take picture that sold for lots of money! They could now travel from volcano to volcano, going home sometimes, making more movies. As they watched hundreds of eruptions and heard about all of the people who died, and they liked making movies, they started making safety videos. In these videos, they would show all of the dangerous stuff and how to be safe around it.

They were good at it too! They knew what they were doing and always put other people before themselves. One day, while filming a video of a very dangerous factor of volcanoes, the Krafts were killed when the wind switched direction. Had it not been for that fateful gust of air, the Krafts would have lived because they were in the right place, just at the wrong time.

Taziof was a little weird in the head. He saw science as man vs. volcano. He lied to people so that they would help him and be on his team, although he was a team of one. He told people that everything was safe even though his best hiker was in the hospital because a rock from the volcano fell on him and a week...