'Compare how "Brave new world" and "Blade runner" explore the tension between humanity and the natural world.'

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The concepts and ideas of humanity and the natural world are present within the two texts "Brave new world" written by Aldous Huxley 1931, and "Blade runner" directed by Riddley Scott 1982. These two tests have been used to demonstrate the tension between humainty and the natural world, by exploring the ideas of identity, science and technology and through nature.

Firstly in the text "Brave new world" the identity of the characters living in the "controlled" and "stable" society is highly ironic as all characters have their identies predetermined by the leaders of the community. This ideas can be derived from the texts context, as it was written in 1931 just after WW1 where people were questioning humanity, after the destruction of many towns, cities and lives. The second text "Blade runner" also signifies the tension between the natural world and humanity.

This is derived from the context of 1982 where the world was becoming more industrialised and humans vertually became slaves for industry. The recurring motif of the eye symbolises the identity of the people of this time, and conveys their struggle by featuring the flames and city lights in the reflection of the eye at the beginning of the film. This allows viewers to perceive the idea that these eyes can see into the star like city, yet they are somewhat trapped between their identity, humanity and the natural world and what it has become.

Science and technology also feature the struggle and tension between humanity and the natural world in "Brave new world" as it conveys the idea that all life is controlled and dominated by it. Humanity needs this science and technology so that it may exist yet there is a massive damage to the natural...