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As discussed in class, there has recently been developed a different way of look at the man who "discover America". In the book Columbus: His Enterprise Exploding the Myth, written by Hans Koning, he takes a different and more ideological approach. The author describes the Columbus that brought change upon the Native, unlike the traditional approach we in the United State celebrate his landings. The Columbus brought sin and genocide among other things. In this book I have found that there is another side of Columbus that is easily overlooked due to his reputation of "Admiral of the Sea". The book also shows the reason for some of the cultural and governmental aspects of the New World.

First, in class we have learned of the four voyages of Columbus, but Koning goes on a limb to emphasize reason for the exposition. Columbus did this out of pure selfishness he wanted to become rich and he was not going to give up on this opportunity to cash in big.

It is not true that he was the first to think of the passage and in this time "...there was no educated man or woman who did not know that the world was round." The book illustrates the he waited around for about two years so the king and queen wood give him what he requested, 1/10 of the wealth for himself and his heirs and his titles of Admiral of the sea and viceroy. It is true that his ambition drove him to this great discovery as well as some good luck. Since he left from Spain the northeast tradewinds blew his ship into Central America, for if it were not for Spain Portugal would have discover America themselves. On the trip Spanish were scared to not be able...