Christianity Vs. Islam

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Christianity V. Islam In the early centuries western civilization witnessed the ascension of two prominent religions, Christianity and Islam. Their constitutions are parallel in many respects, yet diverse in others. Despite their similarities and differences, both doctrines have stood the test of time and their preeminence remains in tact today.

In comparing and contrasting Christianity to the Islamic faith, it is important to note that both can be traced back to ancient polytheistic practices. While they both eventually evolved into monotheistic religions, from there the theological basis of each stems into many similar and juxtaposing directions.

Christianity and the Islamic faith alike, center on the belief of one supreme god; the Islam call him Allah and the Christians call him God. In addition, both religions welcomed the guidance of prophets. In Christianity, Jesus of Nazareth was not only considered a prophet, but also the Son of God sent to save the world from eternal damnation.

His teachings included the golden rule of "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"� and the necessity of brotherly love. His doctrines and life were chronicled in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. Roman leaders considered him a threat to society because of his promise of an eternal kingdom. They feared his motivational voice and ordered him killed to avoid some type of revolution in his name.

The Islamic religion did not recognize Jesus as the Son of God, but they did consider him a respectable prophet of Allah. A more highly revered prophet of their faith was Mohammad, who also prophesized eternal life for all those who accepted Allah or God. However, in contrast to Jesus' teaching of brotherly love, he led many forceful and violent endeavors against his neighbors in search of conquest. His life and teachings...