The Choice We Make And The Actions We Take Result In Consequences We Have To Live With For The Rest Of Our Lives.

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The choice we make and the actions we take result in consequences we have to live with for the rest of our lives.

The decisions we make in the present will decide what the future holds for us. Today young adults are pushed to make better grades and excel in extracurricular activities so as to get into a good college. The motto "the more high quality education the better the future"� has been taken as gospel for today's youth. This often makes me wonder whether our goals are contorted and out of reach for many that are working so hard to achieve in today's society. All children at a young age are told you all can go to college if you are willing. That is a down right blatant lye! The total college attendance numbers for the year 2000 don't even meet one fifth of graduating seniors in this country.

Is over achieving relay worth the disappointment? The social latter is built like a pyramid, having a larger base and coming to a small point at the top. Today's youth are taught to strive for that top point in high society by working hard, making good grades, and getting in to a good college. If everyone is at the top of the pyramid, who will hold up it's structure at the bottom to support all the smart over achievers? Society always needs its garbage men, truck drivers, janitors, and delivery men. I personally take my hat off to the blue collar worker, those who work the fifty hour week at minimum wedge in order to support the top of the pyramid. Without these noble men and women our pampered society would not exist. We as a society take for granted the availability of food, clothing, gas, and comfort items...