Child Care and the Onatrio Government

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The Ontario government has not made adequate provisions to ensure proper child care and must make the required changes immediately. A variety of psychological research emphasises the importance of early childhood learning and its effect on the economy. This, among other things, requires the government to provide adequate funding and strict regulations on public child care. Although funding and regulations are currently provided, they are not sufficient enough to meet the needs of the majority of Ontario parents. Many children are placed in day care situations that are unsafe and unregulated. Others, are not able to attend any form of daycare due to a financial deficit, therefore prohibiting parents from attending school or work. The benefits gained from providing adequate public day care would far outweigh the cost.

Why Public Day Care?

- Compared to home-raised children, those who attend day care centers have been described as more self-sufficient, more cooperative with peers and more comfortable in new situations.

(Atkinson et al. 80)

- Home raised children are also less polite, less compliant and more aggressive (Atkinson et al. 80)

- Children from homes with poorly educated parents who have low incomes benefit intellectually from their day care experience.

o The enrichment programs provided seem to prevent the decline in intellectual performance that often occurs after the age of two if such children remain at home. (Atkinson et al. 81)

- "Children with a long experience of day-care are notably independent." (Maynard 112)

- "They're skilled in looking after themselves, are fairly sophisticated and socially competent. They know how to cope with others and have a better understanding of their own capacities." (Maynard 112)

- The social development of children is initially conditioned solely by relationships with adults.

- From crying to be picked up, the child is learning...