Characteristics Of A Hero

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Characteristics of a Hero When I think of a hero, he must be very strong.

He must be able to lift anything and overpower everything. the person must be very fast. He must be as fast as the speed of light, a blur to the naked eye. He must have some kind of super powers like laser eyes, floating, shooting fireballs out of his hands, or something like that. The person must also have some kind of weakness like kryptonite to superman. The hero must be good looking and have nice features; be nicely toned. He has to have some kind of a secret identity like a mask or other means of a disguise. The person has to be smart and be able to figure out any kind of problem. The hero must be very rich and powerful like batman and his business which gets him billions of dollars.

He must be very nice and understanding. He must give money to associations that help major problems of the world like cancer or aids. Most of all, he must be very brave. He mustn't be scared of anything, even if he knows that it might end up with his demise.