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Irina Platt

· Page 4: Irina's actions speak louder than her words. (Irina looks down, impassive) - page 4. This shows that she does not agree with what Sir Peter and Cuddeford, yet she does not say anything as it is an argument of some sort between the two men and she doesn't want to get involved.

· In the first two scenes, Irina speaks in one-word answers and short sentences. This effect creates a sense of mystery to her character on her attitudes.

· In the third scene (page 11), we see Irina's attitudes develop, as Woody tells her about Sir Peter's plans. "I didn't say sorry" shows that she disagrees with Sir Peter's intentions. Woody describes her as "feisty" because she is trying to stick up for what she believes in - moral attitude.

· Page 38: "How is it here? How are you finding it?" - takes interest in how Gerard is feeling.

"You've already taken the role of 'Poor Me'..." - she subtly implies that that he shouldn't feel sorry for himself and that he should fight.

· Page 39: "I think you know. But I'm not quite sure why're being so coy about it." - she knows that Gerard is aware that he can appeal - senses that he is possibly hiding something, which is preventing him to appeal. After realising that Gerard is beginning to take a liking towards her, it seems that she uses this opportunity to inform him that she wants to help him and to find out the truth about what really happened

"And its worried me that we've heard nothing." - shows that his case has worried her.. Not his solicitor.

"Something puzzles us." - vague. She doesn't tell him what puzzled her.

"I don't know... you just like someone.