Chain restaurants are not always poor

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In all of my experiences with dining, I have never expected full satisfaction from a chain restaurant. For example, the food served at Chili's, Denny's, and Taco Bells seems to come out of replicator, rather than a kitchen. This kind of unoriginal meal from these chain restaurants makes eating unappealing. I had a strong negative opinion about chain restaurants until I went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It is a chain restaurant company that operates 61 casual dining restaurants in 20 states. I was excitedly marveled that it was so extraordinary and remarkable. This restaurant caused me to reflect and rethink on my opinion of chain restaurants.

The Cheesecake Factory began as a small bakery in 1940's and has burgeoned into a chain of upscale restaurants glorified by customers. It is now celebrating the 25th anniversary of its first Cheesecake Factory restaurant, which opened in Beverly Hills, California, in 1978.

For its popularity, it has become one of the hottest spots for fine dining. Recently, I visited The Cheesecake Factory in San Jose, located at the Westfield Shopping town Valley Fair and instantly became a total fan. The food was superbly fresh and toothsome. This is by far the best chain restaurant that I have ever eaten at proving my perception of chain restaurants wrong.

This restaurant is exquisite and elegant, and decor is dream-like. Everything on the outside is immerse. The gigantic building is painted with a distinctive light pink color with two enormous Greek columns beside the huge front doors. One interesting finding is this brick building looks like a piece of delicious cheesecake. This structure made me felt the desire for food when I took a small glimpse at it. I was even more impressed by the lavish decoration after I stepped in the dining hall.