Censorship on T.V.

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Is censorship good or bad, on T.V., radio, at school, ect... There should be no censorship on T.V. after a certain time because most children if not all should be asleep. The censorship that will be explained will be on T.V. whether it is good or bad and comparing it to Scotland.

Censorship can be good depending on whom you talk to. It is good because it stops young children watching different material that they should not watch. For example, some parents might not want their children watching a movie that have sexual content, so people censor it on T.V. It is also good because it stops young children hearing material that they should not hear. For example, on music channels nearly all the music has curse words cut off, so children will not hear them.

Some people think censorship is bad rather than good. It is bad because it might cut off an important part of a movie.

For example, an important part of a movie might have sexual content; therefore they have to cut it off. Usually they cut a part of a movie with sexual content rather than make the sexual parts blurred. It is also bad because some music does not sound right with out the curse words.

Scotland is not as strict with censorship as America is. Scotland shows most material after 10pm. For example, Scotland can show nude sexual content and other content not appropriate for young children. America cannot show any nude nude sexual content on T.V. In Scotland music can also curse after 10pm on T.V.

In conclusion, everybody has there different opions on censorship. Whether it be on T.V., radio, or school. No one should be in charge of what other parents children should get to watch, listen,