Cause and Effect "The Tennessee Lottery"

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The effects of the Tennessee lottery are about more than just money for your

state. This lottery could affect taxes, education, increase ticket sale through other state

residents and reduce business for non-ticket venders around the state.

With the on going crisis of trying to find a solution to Tennessee's educational

system, the state has voted to use the lotteries profits instead of an increase in taxes.

Scholarships and grants are the main purpose for the lottery and proceeds will go towards

thousands of high school graduates that meet the standards of the lottery scholarship

program. That is "graduating high-school seniors must have a 3.0 grade point average or

score a 19 on the ACT in order to receive up to $3,000 in scholarship funds per academic

year"(Gerlock 1) Most immediately, the Lottery is charged with raising at least $88 million by

July 1 in order to fund scholarships for an estimated 65,000 students expected to attend

Tennessee colleges and universities next fall.

(Nashville 1) "Any additional money raised will

go to pre-K programs and funding construction of new elementary, middle and high

schools" ( Franacell 14). A smaller percentage of money will go towards, transportation,

prison construction, and economic development.

There are also several obstacles that the lottery will have to overcome

if they want to keep most of the people happy, gambling addictions is one obstacle.

Likely, the poor citizens will be addicted to the lottery more so than the higher income

citizens. Poor citizens will try to " strike it rich" or win enough to pay the bills. This will

affect not only them, but their families as well. In many cases, money spent on lottery

tickets can be a loss of food or other necessary items for the family. Wealthy people also

realize that a lottery...