Cause And Effect Essay On Private Schools

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Private schools should be eliminated. There are a number of causes and effects to persuade someone to eliminate private schools.

People use private schools for three different reasons; people wanting their kids in a school with the same type of kids, they move their children to a private school because of disciplinary reasons, and they think that the quality is better.

The positive effects of eliminating private schools. The first one will be that the teachers will be more qualified, due to the fact that they will be tested on their teaching capabilities. Second is the classes will have more diversity which will make room for heated competition and discussion's. Then the third thing that is a positive effect will be the loyalty that students will have from staying in one school for their life and not transferring to a private school.

The negative effects of eliminating private schools. First there is the problem of not having enough teachers because many of them are not certified. This will be mostly due to the fact that they are from a private school that does not require certification to teach. The second thing will be that an increase in student population will make a drastic change in the schools. The student/teacher ratio will increase and schools will not have enough room for all of the new students. Another negative effect will be the discipline problems that will occur. Due to the number of student supervision will be more difficult.

In our country all citizens are guaranteed an equal opportunity for an education. Private schools provide an education only to those who can pay and fit their criteria. Private schools should be banished.