Cause and Effect Essay on Marriage

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A marriage on its own has its share of problems, but when you bring in other members of the family, things can get ugly. In laws can cause a certain degree of tension in a marriage. Complaints about them are common and often a cause of conflict between married couples because of the differences they encounter.

In-laws face a difficult transition in letting go of their child, especially for a mother because her "baby" will have another mother. Being a married couple, approval from both sides of the family is very important to have a healthy marriage. It makes living with one another and visiting one another's parents more comfortable. A person wants to have a good impression when they are becoming a part of a new family. A husband or spouse may spend more time with the new family and skip the traditional gathering with his or her own, to make this impression.

This may cause his or her family to be jealous and feel bitter because their own child isn't spending time with them and is changing tradition.

In laws seem to get involved with children often. They spoil them rotten and allow them to do whatever they please. This, of course, goes against everything that a parent is trying to mold their children into. The discipline is altered and whenever a child is being scolded by one of the parents, instinct would lead them to the grandparents to receive comfort. This can make a parent feel that they aren't doing their job right and their in laws aren't allowing them to grow up and learn to live their life.

A differences in opinion, moral, and beliefs is also a tension between in laws. Everyone was brought up in a different way and parents...