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ard Encyclopedia). All the battles that took place for independence, were in South America, and then not to mention the Spanish were fighting Napoleon in Spain too. The reason why the this revolt started was because, the Latin people saw the other countries such as the North American colony beat the very strong British. The Latin American's also learned that the American's were very weak just like them, and that was a good sign, showing that the Latino's could win verses the Spanish.

There was one main leader who started all the revolts, his name was Simon Bolivar, he was the one who first started the idea of independence from Spain. Simon Bolivar tried many times to get independence, but yet lost many times before actually winning their independence from Spain.. When he finally learned to make peace with the blacks, and give them rights, he started to get their help which led to them winning.

Simon soon realized that the Spanish were going to keep stopping the revolts, until they had revolts all over, making it impposible to stop them all at once. Simon Bolivar finally got complete independence for the South Americans in 1824 (Modern Latin America) .