Capable Manager (Open University) TMA2 (Part 2)

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Discuss a recent conflict situation you have experienced and any lessons learned


A recent situation in which I came into conflict with my immediate manager had to do with a proposal I put forward to provide disaster recovery facilities to our clients. The basic principle behind disaster recovery is that should a client site be destroyed or damaged to the point where the IT infrastructure is no longer serviceable, the disaster recovery "supplier" will provide hardware, facilities and infrastructure to enable critical work to continue. The facility would usually also provide technical expertise if required, to build the server environment at the recovery site.

Many of our clients have existing contracts with disaster recovery companies, who generally only provided hardware and premises in the event of a disaster. These facilities usually cost between � 000 and � 000 per annum for a relatively small client. In all cases our own technicians are responsible for the commissioning of the recovery site and I saw a lucrative opportunity to provide a similar service at a reduced price.

The first step in the investigation process was to perform a risk analysis to identify the risks and benefits of providing such a service.


I quickly ascertained that there was a need for a disaster recovery service by making enquiries with new and existing clients. Overall the opinion was that it would be advantageous to have all IT services from the same provider.

Availability of Clients

In order to put some weight behind my argument, I wanted to go to my manager with at least one prospective client. After querying existing clients, I determined that one was due to renew their current disaster recovery contract. After consultation with the client I received an enthusiastic response to my proposal.


Surprisingly the costs...