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While flying over Cancun, Mexico, I looked out the plane's window, and saw beautiful shades of green and blue. I was extremely excited, for I had always wanted to go to Cancun, but had never been able to until my boyfriend, Tra', surprised me and said he would take me. A few minutes later, landing on the bumpy runway of a rundown airport, I realized this was not what I had expected. I always thought Cancun was beautiful, a place people wanted to visit, but this place looked horrible.

Stepping off the plane, we realized how much hotter it was in Cancun than in Minneapolis, where we had flown out of; we were certainly overdressed, wearing our warmest clothes. After getting our luggage, we stepped aboard the bus that would take us to our hotel. My outlook brightened, seeing all the beautiful hotels, palm trees, and the Caribbean Sea.

When we got to our room at the Krystal Cancun, we opened the huge windows and was amazed at the great view we had of the beach, which looked like a scene from a postcard. We put on our swimming suits and headed down to the beach. The white sand, and water vibrant shades of green and blue was like nothing I had ever seen. The sun beating down on us made the water look very inviting; we ran into the warm, clear water. Soon after, it started raining, which cooled us down. After swimming for a few hours, we decided to eat, as the airplane food had not been too appetizing. While waiting for our food, a waiter walked by carrying a large plate of spaghetti. Just then he tripped, spilling spaghetti all over me. I shrieked and jumped back, then instantly felt embarrassed. The spaghetti was fake and...