"Callanish" by William Horwood

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Callanish by William Horwood

Eagles were born to soar high, live in beautiful places and to be the rulers of the sky. But for some, this is not the case. Man has imprisoned these magnificent creatures in cages, preventing them from spreading their large wings and knowing the freedom and joy of owning the expansive sky. In Callanish, we don't just look at the eagles from an objective point of view, but instead, we become part of the eagles by seeing the way they see, by feeling the way they feel. We live their experience by joining them on the adventure and their quest for freedom.

Creggen was still a juvenile when he was reluctantly taken away from his home in the Cape Wrath to an unknown place. He was frightened, disorientated and confused. He didn't know where he was, who these other eagles around him were and what this cage was doing around him.

Fortunately he met Minch, a wise, kind and powerful eagle who was in the cage beside him. Minch explained to him that he was in a Zoo and that he must have the faith and the will to be free again. Creggen grew close to eagles known as Minch, Kraal and Woil. He learnt a lot from them, especially from Minch, about the powers of a far away place called Callanish. When Minch was close to death he made a vow that, if Minch survived, he would let her escape before him. Minch was hard on him to keep that fire inside to want to be free.

Creggen felt trapped physically and mentally and was loosing his will to be free. He kept asking Minch to remind him of outside so that the memory would stay fresh in his mind.