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Allied Victory At The Bastogne

Bastogne (January 29, 1945) - Germany Artillery rained from the sky on the morning of Sunday December 16. With this was a massive counter attack by the Germans, with a total of 250,000 soldiers accompanied by 1,000 tiger tanks. The 101st Airborne Division bravely defended the city of Bastogne, even though they were encircled and cut off from supplies. After holding out for 6 days the Germans asked Bastogne to surrender. General McAuliffe replied "nuts". The city was heavily bombed on Christmas Eve. During the following days

Germans tried many times to take the city but each attempted unsuccessful. Though help was on the way, more troops were sent to Bastogne. Germans are no one the run retreating to Foy. Which with no doubt be taken with the strengthen of the Allied soldiers.


HIROSHIMA (August 7, 1945) - The Enola Gay cruised over Japan at 26,000 feet.

With them they had a new invention of war, the atomic bomb. The crew could see the city of Hiroshima below. The bomb was dropped at 8:15 a.m. and detonated 580 meters in the air. A blinding flash along with an immense explosion filled the skies. Japan has suffered enormous number of death ranging estimated to be about 140,000. The temperature at the center of the blast was more than one million degrees Celcius. With such technology now developed the end to the war seems near.

By Orion Kobayashi