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There have been many people, fiction or non-fiction who have changed the way they view the world. In religious aspects, saints are known for this. The definition of a saint is basically one who hits rock bottom and realizes that he or she is missing out on life. So they become someone who had lots of faith in God and do good for the community or even the world.

The person I choose to write about is from a 1998 movie called "Buffalo '66." It is about a guy named Billy Brown who took the blame for a crime committed by someone else. While being in prison for five years, he told his parents that he was away on a top secret mission for the CIA. After getting out of prison he wanted to seek revenge on the person who caused him to go to prison. He is very mean and grumpy.

Billy kidnaps a girl and wants her to act like his wife when they go to visit his parents. The reason he is grumpy is because he is a big loser, his only friend is a big loser, and his parents don't really care about him. Actually, nobody care about him.

His revenge would be to kill the man responsible for his prison term and then kill himself. Over the course of the movie, the girl starts to like Billy. She doesn't want him to leave her. She has no clue what Billy is planing on doing. The hour comes when Billy is going to do his job. He goes right up to the man that he is going to shoot, stands for a minute, and then turns around and walks away. At that moment, Billy realizes that he doesn't have to do this. What's done is done and the only thing he can do is go on with his life. He also realizes that there is a girl that loves him. He throws away his gun, buys a heart-shaped cookie, and goes home to his new girlfriend. You can see the transformation from a grumpy lowlife to a happygolucky new man.

This story is just one example of a changed man who is ready to fulfill life to its fullest. When a person hits rock bottom, it is actually a benefit because now they realize how valuable life really is.