Brief summary on summer sisters by judy blume good notes to write a book report on.

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Main Characters:

Vix , Caitlin , Bru and Von ( National Treasures ) , Phobee ( caitlins mom ) , Ed and Tawny ( vix's parents )

Abby and Lamb ( caitlins dad and step mom )

* vix and caitlin end up in the same class, and caitlin chooses vix to go to marthas vineyard for the summer.

* Vix and Caitlin discover the national treasures Bru and Von, hunky high school boys who work at the flying horses.

* Caitlin's dad brings home a new girlfriend abbey with her bratty teenage son and his friend known as the chicago boys.

* Vix and Caitlin spend several summers together even after caitlin goes to a private school called mountain day academy.

* Vix's little brother nathan is handicapped and dies from an amonia that he got while he was at summer camp.

* Lamb marrys abbey and abbey takes over the house remodeling it, in caitlins disaproval.

* vix and caitlin both graduate from mountain day high school and start to head in different directions.

* Vix and caitlin get into a tremendous fight and dont make up for a long time and vix stays on the island for the summer staying with lambs ex girlfriend trisha.

* Vix gets into harvard while she is still seeing bru and she is a broke college student while caitlin trys to study in europe on a trust fund from abbey and lamb.

* Bru asks vix to marry her, but vix decides to finish her schooling . she graduates and becomes very overwhelmed with living in New York with her old college roomates.

* vix dates around and climbs up the corporate ladder while caitlin comes back to the united states.

* Caitlin moves back to the vinyard and dates vix's...