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If there is any song that captures the human heart and shows the true meaning of 'eternal love', that song is "Bottomless" by Bette Midler. Midler reflected her understanding of true love in the shape of a song that shows love the way it really exists. The song gives people the impression that love is something that lasts forever and goes on to the end of time.

Love or Infatuation: How Do You Tell the Difference?, mentions one of the key aspects of the song. "Love STARTS SLOWLY AND LASTS over a long period of time". The song starts off with the notion that love is like the gentle 'wave' in the ocean, and it eventually becomes a great 'tide' which is ready to conquer anything that comes in its path. I felt that this was a very significant message of the song, and probably the most important one.

The second important characteristic of healthy/loving relationships from the song, also comes from Love or Infatuation: How Do You Tell the Difference?. " Real love BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN YOU". This characteristic is quite true in the part of the song where Better Midler sang," My sorrows wash away like rain, the lonely simple joys remain." It meant that she felt happy around her true love, no matter how terrible or how depressing life would get. Her love got the best out of her in her most desperate times and that is what she considered to be her 'holy bliss'.

The last important message from Love or Infatuation: How Do You Tell the Difference?, is "Love tends to be MORE CONSISTENT". Throughout the song, Bette Midler was telling over and over again that her love was 'bottomless' and that it will go on forever, and will be a consistent...