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On Borrowed time essay " What do you think is going to happen, Northup, in the next few days when people find out there's no more death?" Act II Scene III. (p. 230) Why death? What's wrong with death? What is death? Why are people so afraid of death? It sounds really familiar to us. It occurs to every one of us anytime in our life. No one could possibly predict it. Death is like a natural process. Death shows a lot of meaning to us in the play On Borrowed time, and also in our real life's The world would be in total chaos if there is no death; world would be overpopulated; In some cases, death is a better way for patient who's suffering from tough pain. Disease also would be transported easily. So death is an important factor in our life.

Imagine there is no death? "That's right.

It's absurd. Five years from today this world will be so over-crowded that it won't be fit to live in"¦think of the disease"¦" Act II Scene III (p. 230) would the world be overpopulated? World is already growing in a rapid rate. The world population is around six billion. Only in United States, there are about 300 million people. We're already running out of room. Our world would also run out of natural resources. For instance, we're having electricity shortage in California. And also this is Silicon Valley. Don't forget gasoline and oil. Their price went out every week! If there is no death. We probably wouldn't be alive right now. We also have to beware of the environmental problems. For example like the greenhouse effects. Because of all the fossil fuel. it trap heat in the atmosphere. If there is no death, soon we will run out of room.

Imagine there is no death? People who're suffering from tough pain and diseases would have no other way to escape. "There's a man in my hospital who's been suffering for ten years. He's in constant pain." Act II Scene III. (p. 229) In some cases, death is a better way for patients who're suffering from tough diseases like cancer. " Everybody has. She's been in there for six years, in bed. She hasn't got much left. Only one idea- to die." Act II Scene III (p. 230). For instance, if someone has cancer, he/she already knew that there is absolutely no way to cure. They might as well just want to make this quick. They know they're going to die anyway, so it would be worst for them to stay any longer in our world. So death is not a bad way to end your life with.

Imagine there is no death? "No more death. Think about it for a minute. Nobody died last night. Nobody's going to die tonight or tomorrow night. Nobody's going to die"¦until Northup says they can. What do you think about that?" Act II Scene III. (p. 230) The world would turn into full of chaos. People knew they were not going to die; they would do anything they wanted to do. There would be more crimes committed. As more people committed crimes, there wouldn't be enough jails. Soon. more jails will be built than school. Which we do not want that to happen. If there is no death, it means that there is no more death penalty. People would commit more serious crimes; people will hate each other more. Soon, the world would turn into a "wasted planet". We wouldn't feel safe at all.

In conclusion, death is nothing for is to be scare of. It's like a cycle. It's going to come to us anyways. So why are people so scared of death? Imagine there is no death? We wouldn't have a good life as we would have right now without the natural process of death. Imagine there is no death? The whole world would be in total disaster; we couldn't imagine how bad that could be for us. Fortunately, this ain't happening to us in our real life. Everyone is enjoying the best part of his or her lives. So live happy. You're not going to know when your life is going to end. As a result, death is a extremely important aspect in our life.