Book review for "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte

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This book left a very deep impression in my mind. In the past, the books which I read all had beautiful girls as the heroine of the story. This book, "Jane Eyre", however, wrote about a girl who dared to fight against all the injustices in front of her and strive for a better life. Jane's character made me learn a lot from her.

Jane Eyre was unfortunate to have so many struggles in her life. Since young, she was despised and tortured by her aunt and cousins. However, she never once succumbed to her fate but faced setbacks bravely. Although she was short and not that beautiful, she had always been a winner morally. She never once looked down on herself and had always believed that anyone in this world is equal.

When Jane was very young, she already dared to retaliate against the "tyrants" in her life.

Whenever her aunt treated her unfairly, she would retaliate as she knew that she did nothing wrong. This was also the reason why she never "apologised" to her aunt. I admire her bravery very much. By reading this story, I have learnt that we do not have to be afraid of those who are stronger than us. As long as we do things which we think are right, then we can protest bravely if we were wronged. We should never let people bully us.

Although Jane was poor, she never loved money. She disdained those rich girls who wanted to marry Mr Rochester just because he was rich. We can see easily that Jane was morally upright and her thoughts would not easily change with the situations in which she was in.

Jane and Mr Rochester's love story enabled readers to understand Jane much better. When...